[Evolution] Evolution Newbie.. Some "Bugs"

Let me preface this with praise. I've been looking for an IMAP client
for linux for a long time, but never found one as useful as Outlook
Express. But we all know that running Outlook Express is risky business
at best. Evolution is the first IMAP client i've tried on Linux that i
didn't give up on within a day. I'm very happy to have come across it.

Don't know if these are known bugs, or not considered bugs, but here are
a couple of things i found annoying using Evolution (aside that it's
taken down X twice in one day for me)


- Does not remember where in an imap folder you were between restarts,
i.e. always starts at the top of the list, when new messages are at the
bottom. Shouldn't the default be to show the first of the new set of
messages in a folder.

- When new messages come in in an open folder, they are appended to the
bottom, but the window does not scroll down to show them.

- When reading mail and moving from message to message, the folder
window does update deleted and read status, but the "selection
highlight" does not move down to match the current message you are

- An inconsistent issue is that several times when i've started reading
in a folder and hit delete, it deletes the message but does not move on
to the next unread message

- Any plan to offer integration to ctime for Evolution's calendar?

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