Re: [Evolution] Problems launching evolution on SuSE 8.1

On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 16:55, Stephen Kuhn wrote:
On Mon, 2002-12-30 at 11:20, Matthew Johnson wrote:
Good day,

  Updated to the latest evolution, first had an issue where Evolution
could not find (mozilla is installed and working fine and has
NOT been moved).

Got around that, now have an issue with:

(Killing old version of Wombat...)
(Cannot access Bonobo/ConfigDatabase, not upgrading configuration.)

evolution-shell-WARNING **: Cannot access Bonobo/ConfigDatabase on wombat:

All this after updating via Red Carpet (having other issues with packages
doubling up of packages from Ximian in my rpm database, but thats another



You might want to confirm that all your lib-dirs are correct by checking
your /etc/ - make absolutely sure that /usr/lib and
/usr/local/lib are in there, then re-run ldconfig to rebuild the cache -
then try accessing Evo again...

Oh, such a simple fix. How did /usr/lib disappear from my
/etc/ Oh well, it works :)

Evolution is really the best mail client out there, well gui one that is

Matthew Johnson <matthew psychohorse com>

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