[Evolution] [Evo1.2] Folder pane layout question (with imap)

Hi everyone,

I've seen there have been many messages regarding imap in evo1-2, so
maybe this question has already been asked. Sorry if this is the case:

I've just migrated from 1.0.8 to 1.2.0. It went quite peacefully up to
now, thanks to "killev". I'm just annoyed by the new folder pane
presentation, which adds a new "logical" folder corresponding to my imap
namespace in my imap account subtree. I.e, now I have

  -.home.ftaiani.mail  // NEW in evo 1.2.0
  | +Teaching
  | -Mailing_List
  | | -Evolution
  | | -misc
  | +Friends
Instead of (in 1.0.8)

  | -Evolution
  | -misc
I preferred the old way. In my case, the new "namespace node" just adds
visual noise. (I think that's because I only have one namespace. If it
was possible to tell evolution not to display "namespace nodes" when
there's only one of them, that would be great.)


Francois Taiani <francois taiani laas fr>
LAAS-CNRS <http://www.laas.fr>

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