Re: [Evolution] Check for duplicate messages

On Wed, 2002-08-28 at 23:03, Antonio Bemfica wrote:
[snip] Procmail in this case expects messages to
arrive at /var/mail/user - you may need to run fetchmail to get them off
a POP or IMAP server. In my recipe procmail delivers the messages it
picks up to ~/incoming-mail and Evolution gets them from there.

Right now I use Evo(1.0.8 btw) to get my messages from my pop-account,
to get this working I would have to:
a) configure fetchmail
b) configure procmail
c) install and configure dbtool (where can I get this it doesn't seem to
be included with RH7.3
d) edit my account settings from POP to "local delivery" and select the
folder procmail stores the edited messages


Are there any problems with the different versions of fetchmail,
procmail, evolution?
Ihave the following installed:

note the locking mechanisms invoked. They are compatible with Evolution.

This is good, I presume? I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with this...

To filter duplicates based on a hash of the body of the message you will
need dbtool. You will also need to change one condition in the recipe.
Let me know if you need help (perhaps off the list?).

I prefered to answer throught the list because I noticed something else:
when messages are sent ot the list and CC'd to me the CC'd message does
not have the mailing-list signature: wouldn't this cause  the md5sum,
the hash and the message-ID methods to fail? Theoretically these
messages are not unique...

Some more questions about the script you send:
all the files used in the spam-blocking code: are they installed with
procmail or do they have to be updated manually?

I read about spamassasin and others, does procmail fit into that
category? If so, I read that some people use several of these tools in
succession can this be done with procmail as well?

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