[Evolution] Sticky locale setting


I'm currently fighting some language related settings in my system and
in that process I logged on (via gdm) once with a german locale setting
(de_DE.ISO-8859-15). Hating the way everything turned up in german
suddenly, I logged out again and back in using the C locale, as I had

All my apps are now in english again, BUT evolution isn't. It has always
been completely in english before, but now, suddenly, it's partly
german. Yes, that's right, only partly. For example, my menus read "File
Bearbeiten View Aktionen Werkzeuge Suchen Help". Folders and Shortcuts
are english, but the search menu (which I wrote about just today) now
says "Nachricht enthält" instead of "Message contains".

I have searched by evolution folder, but I can't figure out where that
mangled setting may persist. Any hints?

               Oliver Sturm
Dahlhoff IT-Solutions - Buellenkothenweg 37a - 40229 Duesseldorf
Tel.: 0211-2202821    - Fax: 0211-2202822    - http://www.dahlhoff.biz

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