Re: [Evolution] Send Later actually seems to be a Send Very Soon

Receive). Sometimes it would be nice to just grab mail, esp. if you have
an email written up with a large attachment. But then again, I guess
that's what the Drafts Folder is for, right? Just getting used to how
different programs do things... 

I suppose you cold use drafts a bit like this.  Most people just want to
send mail when they send it though, unless your offline when you just
want to queue it.

Yes, i mentioned this in a recent message as well. The only "problem"
left is that in drafts you have to edit the message again to send it -
or at least, to open it up and hit send. My request would be that upon 
a right click on a message in the drafts folder a "Send now" would
appear in context.

As mentioned Send Later exists no more in dev releases, so it's not a
problem anymore. Send Later means only that it will send at the next
check of e-mail, not that it will wait for your confirmation.

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