Re: [Evolution] Send Later actually seems to be a Send Very Soon

Ah, operator error.  I'm glad it's an easy answer.  :)

My previous email program called that exact function "Send Later".  I
didn't even read the rest of the menu to see if there was a more
suitable menu item...


On Wed, 2002-08-14 at 18:42, iain wrote:
On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 01:22, Scott Bronson wrote:
Well, it happened again.  :(

This all happened in the last hour:

- I started writing a message for LKML
- I decided to hang onto it and do some more research first,
  so I hit Send Later
- An hour later, I check LKML and there's the incomplete message
  that I wanted to send later.  And it's no longer in my Outbox.

This is what Save to Drafts is for
Send Later is "Don't send now, send the next time we do a send/receive"

"Miss Celine Dion sings lovesongs while our cities burn"

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