Re: [Evolution] Reducing size of mbox files

On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 08:50, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Wed, 2002-08-07 at 17:11, Steve Murphy wrote:
Give me some advise--
evo v 1.08.99...

Problem 1:

My mailboxes are growing to such size that I felt the need to 
cut them back a bit. I went into the Blocked folder for an easy start, 
made a backup copy of all the files in my evolution/local/Blocked
directory, and bzip2'd the daylights out the copies. I then went into
evolution and deleted and expunged the 2k or so messages there, hoping
to recover some of that 30meg of data or so. No such luck, not a byte of
difference. But, I did leave a few messages in there, so I even deleted
those. Then, the mbox size dropped from 16 meg to 0. But the .ibex is
still at 14meg! I guess the only remedy is to delete the folder?

you can just rm -f the mbox.ibex files. they are autogenerated.

in 1.0.x, mbox.ibex files, as an optimisation, didn't shrink themselves
when you expunged a folder because it was assumed that you more messages
would be appended to the folder that would contain the words in the
index. plus it was also pretty expensive to rewrite the mbox.ibex file.

Actually it was just impossible the way the files are used.

Problem 2:

Maybe because of lack of space, but I think not: I'm trying to expunge
deleted messages from my Inbox. When I do, while "storing", I get the

Error while 'Expunging folder':
Summary and folder mismatch, even after a sync

Any suggested fix?

rm -f mbox.ev-summary

it could be because you are out of disk space or it could be because you
opened the mbox file with another client, or any of a number of other
things. anyways, this should be a lot less likely in development cvs

It could also happen if you're out of disk.

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