[Evolution] Re: [Users] Evolution not importing GnomeCard data

On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 17:45, Chris Nicol wrote:
Hi Dominic,

Thanks for the advice. I actually use a Palm M125, which Evolution
doesn't support yet, which is why I said I thought I'd have no joy until
a later version of Evolution.

The visor stuff is pretty generic, and your palm is still a palm OS
device.  It might pay to try the hints I gave previously.  Your mileage
may vary.  It is not evolution that supports the palm.  It is the
conduit(s).  The conduits operate over a serial driver.  The USB is
represented as a serial device by the usb-serial driver.

So, once again:

        evolution conduit talks with evolution database, and talks with         palm
OS using serial handshaking.

        usb-serial presents USB device as a serial interface (so conduit        can
talk with ttyUSB1 as if it were a normal serial device).

        Visor module smooths over the serial/usb bump.

 /* USB HandSpring Visor, Palm m50x, and Sony Clie driver
 * (supports all of the Palm OS USB devices)
        (above is quote from source code).

So, the guys who wrote Linux say give it a whirl.

Dominic Amann, Linux Based Solutions Ltd., <http://www.lbs.ca/>
        18 Candlewood Cr, Toronto, ON M3J 1G8
        Tel: (416) 638-8649 Fax: (416) 630-1584

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