[Evolution] Feature? Month on each day in month view

I am constantly having problems with the monthlu calendar view for 2

1)  The scroll mouse tend to LEAP months at a click.  Is this settable
(for calendar only, everything else is fine).

It might be nice to put resistance on the month (I can jump 4 weeks, but
5 requires and extra push).

2)  Once I do jump, it is very difficult to figure out where I am. I
think I can eventually do it, but looking at the upper right hand corner
to correlate with the left hand corner of the calender.

It seems that there could be a few ways to make the month clearer. 
Maybe there are ways of doing these already:

Use colors for the months backgrounds.  Jumping from grey to white to
grey does not help when I jumped several months.  If there was 12
patterns or colors (or 6 repeated) it would help.

Put the Month next to day number like for the first day, in all of the
days, or at least for week

Zot O'Connor


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