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From: Dan Hensley <dan hensley attbi com>
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Subject: [Evolution] vFolder problems with
Date: 29 Apr 2002 10:59:44 +0000

vFolders are acting up for me.  I've noticed this for the past little
while, but I'm not sure when it started.

What happens is that I have several vFolders pointing to my Inbox.  In
particular, the Unmatched folder displays this problem.  I read my new
messages from the Inbox folder, but my Unmatched folder does not reflect
this.  It still says that I have unread messages, and if I switch to it,
the messages that are marked as Read in my Inbox are showed as Unread in

With my other vFolders, I occasionally see situations where I download
new messages, but the vFolders do not reflect that there are new
messages that match.

My machine has been on and off since my last Evo update (I'm using CVS
1.0 branch from a day or two ago), and the problem persists.


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