Re: [Evolution] Re: Converting from MH to Evolution

You should be able to select "Emacs Bindings" in the gtkhtml config
settings in the GNOME Control Center.


On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 01:31, Lance A. Brown wrote:
Greetings again,

With some shell scripting and the dmail program from the imap-utils
package I was able to switch from MH to IMAP and use Evolution to access
my email, all 250MB of it.  dmail also made it possible to convert my
.procmailrc from delivering to MH folders to IMAP folders with
relatively little pain.  Performance is good and I'm quite pleased so

I've been using it for about a week now and have decided to tough it
out.  MH is gone and Evolution/IMAP is in for good unless something
drastic comes up.  The biggest hassle I've had so far is unlearning
Emacs keybindings in the message editor.  Any chance of getting emacs
keybindings included in the editor? :-)

I hope to document the steps I took and create a mini-howto for
converting from MH to Evolution/IMAP when I have some free time.

Thank you to everyone who offered me tips and suggestions.


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