[Evolution] Converting from MH to Evolution


I'm thinking about converting from MH to Evolution, but am unsure of a
migration path.

I have a LOT of archived email that I access occasionally, and a
fairly complex .procmailrc for sorting incoming mail into folders (MH
currently) and performing various automatic actions.

The imap support for MH just isn't good enough, at least the version
I'm using (imap-2000c on RH Linux).  It doesn't track sequences, for
one, which I really need.

If I switch, I need access to my mail store both locally and remotely,
so I assume imap is the correct way to go.  What can be done to move
LOTS of mail into an imap and Evolution friendly format?  300+ Meg of
email in dozens of folders in a tree format.  I'd like to keep the
tree structure as much as possible.

Ideally, whatever solution I use will also allow access via a
text-based client of some type.



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