Re: [Evolution] poll: patch to optionally disable HTML mail?


I like this. I get HTML mail that has attached GIFs that obscure the
text I need to see (HTML rendering problem?). If I open these mails in
pine, I can see the text (which has the real information in the first
place) fine. I would like the option of seeing the text version (if it
exits) of an email as the default with the HTML version as an attachment
to be opened as I choose.

It's still a matter of dealing with people who want to make a simple 3
line message pretty. In the worst case they'll make it a 1MB powerpoint
slide to express less than 1 KB of info. I get HTML mail that is not
spam, but in most cases there's a text equivalent with the email, but
evolution won't let me choose which I want to see by default.

If the HTML part was an attachment, I could open it if I wanted, but the
message body would show the plain text part.


On Mon, 2002-04-29 at 16:43, Colin Walters wrote:

Have you ever been annoyed by HTML email?  Do you want to have the
option not to see 66 pt. bold red headers that someone decided to
write?  Is the only HTML email you get spam, and you'd like to have the
option to turn it into an attachment?  Do you know anyone else who would
like this option?

I have written a patch which implements this
(  Some of
the Evolution developers aren't convinced that many people would use
it.  So, we decided to have a poll.  If you would like to see this patch
in Evolution, please send a message in support to
evolution-hackers ximian com 


evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

John S. Weber
jweber math cudenver edu

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