Re: [Evolution] poll: patch to optionally disable HTML mail?

On Mon, 2002-04-29 at 18:30, John Weber wrote:

I like this. I get HTML mail that has attached GIFs that obscure the
text I need to see (HTML rendering problem?). If I open these mails in
pine, I can see the text (which has the real information in the first
place) fine. I would like the option of seeing the text version (if it
exits) of an email as the default with the HTML version as an attachment
to be opened as I choose.

Hear, Hear!

I had this recently at work. someone sent out something with a white and
black background (thanks, outlook), and the text was unreadable. There
was no way to shut it off, so I had to view source. Ugh.

I vote for it!

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