Re: [Evolution] IMAP glitches

On Fri, 2002-04-26 at 01:30, Chris Petersen wrote

Mainly, I leave evolution open on my home machine when I go to work.  At 
work, I ssh in and use pine..  When I get home, evolution will often not 
have noticed many of the changes I've made with pine, including message 
deletions, etc.  These deleted messages still show up in the message lists 
in evolution, but when I click on them I get an error (because they're not 
there anymore).  But that's all that happens.  Shouldn't evolution be 
checking for LACK of messages as well as new ones when it does a mailbox 
update check?  And if the message is gone, shouldn't it remove it from the 

Lemme add a big "Me TOO!" to that.  When you login to an imap account
for the first time, the server has to fetch all the info from the
server, right?  Number of messages, flags, headers, etc.  Would it be
more trouble than it's worth to be able to configure Evolution to
resycnhronize the IMAP on certain intervals (say, once an hour
resynchronize the mailbox completely).  If it were configurable, then
users over dialup wouldn't have to use it but those who have fast
connections, who leave a copy of evolution running at home as well as
work, could.

Just a thought.


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