Re: [Evolution] IMAP glitches

On Fri, 2002-04-26 at 01:30, Chris Petersen wrote:
I've been meaning to mention this for awhile, and my appologies if this 
has already been addressed..

I use an IMAP connection to connect to my local machine because maildir 
format was not originally supported particularly well (detected subfolders 
merely as root folders with longer names - ie .Lists.Evolution instead of 
Lists->Evolution)..  Anyway, this aside (as I've already mentioned it and 

That might depend on how the server is storing the folders.  If its
using '.'s, as some imap servers do, evolution is just going to list
them as top level folders.  If the maildir tree is represented using
multiple subdirectories, then it should work.

hopefully it is/will be fixed), I've noticed a number of weird things with 
IMAP performance..

Mainly, I leave evolution open on my home machine when I go to work.  At 
work, I ssh in and use pine..  When I get home, evolution will often not 
have noticed many of the changes I've made with pine, including message 
deletions, etc.  These deleted messages still show up in the message lists 
in evolution, but when I click on them I get an error (because they're not 
there anymore).  But that's all that happens.  Shouldn't evolution be 
checking for LACK of messages as well as new ones when it does a mailbox 
update check?  And if the message is gone, shouldn't it remove it from the 
list?   This in itself is mildly annoying, but (at least in older versions 
- hasn't happened in awhile) it would also occasionally segfault after 
selecting several different nonexistent messages.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.

Yeah we know it has problems like this.  I dont know of any plans to
address it - I certainly know that nobody (i.e. me or Jeff) wants to
touch the existing imap code any more than absolutely necessary.

Well it also depends on if the server is sending the appropriate
EXPUNGED untagged response to notify evolution of the change, which i
suspect some servers dont do properly.

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