Re: [Evolution] Feature request (?)

On Wed, 2002-04-24 at 08:47, Andy Cedilnik wrote:

I love Evolution as an e-mail client. It does most of what I expect the
e-mail client to do. There are however some minor features I cannot

Since I answer lots of e-mails with a specific template, I would love
Evolution to provide this feature. For example, I would like to have a
button/menu-option "Reply From Draft", which would create a reply
message with a draft message and the actual reply embedded somewhere

I would like Evolution to fill address book by itself. Or maybe even
better, that it would auto complete e-mail addresses from certain
folders. This way I would not have to add every single e-mail to my

In search, I would like it to remember what I type in even if I change
the scope of search. Right now if I type something and switch let say
from message contains to sender contains, it clears the text.

I believe this is already in Bugzilla.


An alternate way to move down to the next autocomplete is ctrl+n.

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