Re: [Evolution] byte order of Evolution files

I can only speak for some of the mailer files.

The .ev-summary files should be endian neutral (i think data is actually
big endian always).  If they're not its a bug that needs to be fixed. 
At worst, the summaries need to rebuilt, and if you use mbox you dont
lose any summary-only information either.

I think the index files are native endianness, however they are supposed
to check the endianness and throw away everything if it doesn't match
and rebuild the index files.

Filters, searches, vfolders are xml and should be endianness neutral.

All mailboxes are of course, endian neutral, they are text files.

Other configuration should be in xml which is endian neutral.

So apart from rebuilding indexes, it shouldn't be hard to migrate data
across.  i.e. using two separate architectures via nfs probably wouldn't
work too nicely, but migration should be ok.

I'm not sure about the db (db3 not DB2) files used by the calendar etc.

On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 11:43, Michael D. Crawford wrote:
Does Evolution have a particular byte order for any of the binary files it 
creates, or does it just use the native byte order of the system its running on? 
  Can I move my Evolution file heirarchy from a machine with one byte order to 

The reason I ask is that I have evolution installed on a PowerPC Macintosh 
running Debian sid.  This is a big-endian machine.  I don't have much disk space 
on that machine, but I recently put a big hard drive into a Pentium II machine 
running Debian Woody.  That's a little-endian machine.  I'd like to move my 
files (mailboxes + prefs + filters + whatever) to the Pentium II machine.

It would work to still run Evolution on the Mac but have the files served to it 
from the Pentium II box.  However, I would like to have the Mac in Mac OS 
sometimes, and Mac OS X some other times - I will be restarting it a lot, so 
it's not really a machine suitable for keeping my email on.  The Pentium II box, 
though, runs Linux 100% of the time.

If the byte orders on the different platform are different, can evolution work 
with a foreign byte order, or is there a tool that will byteswap the files?

I recall reading somewhere that Evolution makes use of DB2 databases.  That's 
one place byte order would be an issue.


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