[Evolution] byte order of Evolution files

Does Evolution have a particular byte order for any of the binary files it creates, or does it just use the native byte order of the system its running on? Can I move my Evolution file heirarchy from a machine with one byte order to another?

The reason I ask is that I have evolution installed on a PowerPC Macintosh running Debian sid. This is a big-endian machine. I don't have much disk space on that machine, but I recently put a big hard drive into a Pentium II machine running Debian Woody. That's a little-endian machine. I'd like to move my files (mailboxes + prefs + filters + whatever) to the Pentium II machine.

It would work to still run Evolution on the Mac but have the files served to it from the Pentium II box. However, I would like to have the Mac in Mac OS sometimes, and Mac OS X some other times - I will be restarting it a lot, so it's not really a machine suitable for keeping my email on. The Pentium II box, though, runs Linux 100% of the time.

If the byte orders on the different platform are different, can evolution work with a foreign byte order, or is there a tool that will byteswap the files?

I recall reading somewhere that Evolution makes use of DB2 databases. That's one place byte order would be an issue.


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