Re: [Evolution] "Mark all as Read" - Query.

On Thu, 2002-04-18 at 05:32, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:

Yeah, for me vFolders are why evolution exists, might not be the real
reason but think they are the best thing.  I expect to hear of
Microsoft's "new innovative virtual folders for outlook" any day now ;o)

MS Lookout has something called "Views" which allows you to set up
filters on messages and such, but they are rather limited (read:
useless) because they only work on a single folder, not across several

But, yeah, I guess one shouldn't be surprised if Microsoft steals the
idea. Maybe Ximian should patent the concept?


Hmmmm... I had better go off and put on my asbestos suit, just to
safeguard myself from people taking that last comment too seriously.


OTOH, if MS uses its patents in SMB/CIFS with the express purpose of
denying the Open Source community that functionality, why shouldn't the
Open Source community turn the tables on them? A suitable add-on to the
Evolution license stating something like, "Anybody Microsoft is allowed
to use concepts, ideas, etc covered by patent no. ..."

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