Re: [Evolution] Calendar prompts for external reminders; how to disable?

On Thu, 2002-04-18 at 15:39, Brad Felmey wrote:
The calendar allows setting external programs to run as reminders. It
also pops up a window that has to be approved before the external
program is run.

I have an email gateway to my pager. I set the reminder to kick off
"mail -s "Security meeting in 10 minutes" pager domain tld". I want the
reminder to shoot off an email to my pager to remind me of meetings,
especially when I'm away from my desk. Evo just sits there and waits for
me to say "Okay, I really mean it, go ahead".

I can't find any reference to this prompt, or a way to turn it off. Is
there a way to bypass this brain-dead behavior?

The way this works in the development version (CVS HEAD) is that that
there's a checkbox in the "approve" box which says "Don't ask me about
this program again," so you have to approve each binary only once.  I
agree, however, that there should be a way to set that bit when you
define the alarm, rather than the first time it runs.  I'll try to whip
up a patch when I get a chance...

I'm not sure how this works at all in 1.0.x, however, so my advice may
not help you unless you're compiling from CVS.  (And my patch almost
certainly won't...)


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