Re: [Evolution] POP, SSH port-forwarding, and deletes

Oh. You can't in Evolution, there was just a question about this
actually a few days ago. To sum up:

There aren't any plans to implement it that i'm aware of.  Mainly as
we'd need some mechanism to implement it without breaking through
abstraction layers.  Its probably not that hard to do, but nobody's
given it enough thought.  Any reasonable patches will be considered ...

POP was never really designed for leaving mail on the server at all,
alone keeping an index of all messages, and then comparing how long
they've been in the cache or the timestamp in the header to determine
they should be deleted.  Yes other mailers have pulled off this hack,
but it's really just better to use IMAP if users plan to leave the
on the server at all.

This is so true.  Its called Post _OFFICE_ Protocol for a reason.  You
dont file and store your mail at your postoffice postbox (if you have
one), you just pick it up there.


On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 12:35, Ian Forde wrote:
The problem is that I've found that if I uncheck "Leave Mail on Server",
it'll download all the mail from the server and remove it all from the
server.  Thus, the only place my mail store will be is on my laptop...
This I've verified from the stream of DELE commands going to the server
(from watching sniffer dumps).

How do I get it to only remove messages on the server when they're
removed locally, yet maintain the message store on the server?


 Tue, 2002-04-16 at 08:46, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote: 

I'm not sure I understand. You have "leave-mail-on-server" checked,
right? That means that you don't want Evolution to delete mail from the
server. That is why it's not performing a DELE for the messages. If you
want it to DELE the messages, you have to turn off keep-mail-on-server.


On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 00:24, Ian Forde wrote:
Hi all - I'm new to the list, though I've been using Evolution for well
over a year now.  I'm having a problem using Evolution with a POP
account in that it won't delete any messages.  Here's the setup:

My machine: Linux Laptop (RH7.2,

I don't control the mailserver, and it's running Qpopper 4.0.3, with no
APOP support.  Thus, I port-forward over an ssh connection:

ssh -2 -L 4510:mailhost:25 -L 4500:mailhost:110 me mailhost

So I point Evolution at that mailhost:4500 for receiving mail and
mailhost:4510 for sending mail.  I've turned on the "Leave messages on
server" option, since unchecking that one sucks the mail off of the
server and leaves me with no mail the when I'm done.  (Sometimes I
travel without my laptop and like to use pine.)

So when I "empty trash" and "expunge" the messages leave my "Local
Folders" but still stay on the server anyway.  I've sniffed the
connection and watched message downloads, but at no time has Evolution
performed a "message delete" operation.

Could the fact that evo sees this account as a "local folder" be
relevant here?  And just to be sure... Mozilla mail works fine in this
regard, so it's not the server.  (Evo is a better, nicer-looking email
client, supports gpg/pgp, and doesn't die when my browser crashes, which
is why I'm using it...)

Any help here would be appreciated!

                       Ian Forde, RHCE, SCSA, SCNA, SCDME, CCSA
                       CYTBeN, Inc.
                       ian jeigh com

                       Ian Forde, RHCE, SCSA, SCNA, SCDME, CCSA
                       CYTBeN, Inc.
                       ian jeigh com

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