Re: [Evolution] delete mail after xx days from POP3 server

On Sat, 2002-04-13 at 12:48, Brian wrote:
On Fri, 2002-04-12 at 21:55, Paul Merlin wrote:
Le ven 12/04/2002 à 20:38, Jeffrey Stedfast a écrit :
There's no way to do this.
Is it a planned feature ??

If there's no way to do it, how can it be a planned feature? :)

Well actually I think Jeff was saying that there's no way to do this
using evolution.

There aren't any plans to implement it that i'm aware of.  Mainly as
we'd need some mechanism to implement it without breaking through
abstraction layers.  Its probably not that hard to do, but nobody's
given it enough thought.  Any reasonable patches will be considered ...

POP was never really designed for leaving mail on the server at all, let
alone keeping an index of all messages, and then comparing how long
they've been in the cache or the timestamp in the header to determine if
they should be deleted.  Yes other mailers have pulled off this hack,
but it's really just better to use IMAP if users plan to leave the mail
on the server at all.

This is so true.  Its called Post _OFFICE_ Protocol for a reason.  You
dont file and store your mail at your postoffice postbox (if you have
one), you just pick it up there.

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