[Evolution] Re: Converting from MH to Evolution

On Wed, 2002-04-10 at 23:19, Lance A. Brown wrote:
Not Zed <notzed ximian com> writes:

What exactly are sequences?

MH uses sequences to track which messages are read, unread, etc.
Users can use them to mark groups of messages with specific tags, etc.

Is there any documentation on this available anywhere?  One of the main
problems with mh is it is so poorly defined and everyone does things
differently, etc.

Although i'm not sure the code works as well as it shoudl with this
(it is supposed to ...) you should just be able to create a 'mh'
mail tree inside evolution without having to change anything at all
...  That should at least let you try the idea out in a
non-destructive manner. Things like read flags and so forth aren't
terribly well supported however.

Yep, exactly.  The #mh/ folderspace works in imap, but is broken with
respect to sequences.  I can't tell which messages are unread, for


Long term i'd suggest changing to use maildir as your folder format,
as stated before, procmail can still be used to filter your messages
directly into a maildir tree.  You can then just point evolition at
the maildir tree (this *does* work well at the moment).  mh has some
technical issues which make maildir a much better solution.  You can
then access that directly through evo, or a text client that
supports it (e.g. mutt, pine with patches) or via imap, or whatever
you want.

Which imap server(s) supports maildir format?

Well we use courier at ximian which does.

So basically apart from changing your mailbox formats to maildir,
the operation of your system should essentially remain the same.
i.e.  incoming -> procmail -> folder tree.  Evolution can access the
folder tree simultaneously with other programs/procmail etc and/or
you can use imap and whatnot.

This sounds like it might work.

Good luck.

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