Re: [Evolution] SMTP problem

Thanx Jeffrey...

I'm wondering shouldn't be there be a timeout implemented 
at this part? So if this final response is not coming... 
evo already knows that the mail was sent, since the server 
told it (I think that's the meaning of ...
received: 250 QAA86216 Nachricht für Auslieferung akzeptiert)

So after a time of waiting Evo should just stop this
transaction and try to start the next one. I guess that's
what all the other mail clients are doing since the server
is the same, but the problem only occurs for me... and if 
there is a more serious problem You simply won't be able 
to start the follow-up transaction... I guess.

Thanx for All the Help.

On Fri, 2002-04-05 at 22:15, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
Yes, the server is supposed to respond after an RSET.


On Fri, 2002-04-05 at 08:30, Gábor Békési wrote:

I'm connecting to an IMAP/SMTP server with Evo 1.0.3. and found that 
I'm  unable to send messages. After several unsufficient experiments 
with the settings, I've come to the following result: 

When a first message is sent, Evo is not closing the process of the 
sending, and follow-up messages stay in the messaege queue and are 
not sent. So I have to send my messages One by One, and exit Evo / 
execute killev after each. (This way, these messages are not moved to 
the Sent folder, so I'm never sure whether they were even really sent) 

If I "debug" on the communication with the mail server (with the 
CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG solution) I see something like this (the server 
speaks german :-/ ) : 

sending: EHLO 
received: Hallo [a.b.c.d],
freut mit zu treffen 
received: 250-EXPN 
received: 250-8BITMIME 
This server supports 8bit MIME 
received: 250-SIZE 
received: 250-DSN 
received: 250-VERB 
received: 250-ONEX 
received: 250 HELP 
sending : MAIL FROM <gbe nmc-m dtag de> 
received: 250 <gbe nmc-m dtag de>... Absender ist gültig. 
sending : RCPT TO <evolution ximian com> 
received: 250 Empfánger ist gültig. 
sending : DATA 
received: 354 Post eingeben. Bitte einer Zeile mit einem . beenden. 
sending : \r\n.\r\n 
received: 250 QAA86216 Nachricht für Auslieferung akzeptiert 
sending : RSET 

Then silence. Maybe there should be some reponse coming from the server 
after the RSET? If it is so then can someone please help me out with a 

Thanx for All the help. 


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