[Evolution] SMTP problem


I'm connecting to an IMAP/SMTP server with Evo 1.0.3. and found that 
I'm  unable to send messages. After several unsufficient experiments 
with the settings, I've come to the following result: 

When a first message is sent, Evo is not closing the process of the 
sending, and follow-up messages stay in the messaege queue and are 
not sent. So I have to send my messages One by One, and exit Evo / 
execute killev after each. (This way, these messages are not moved to 
the Sent folder, so I'm never sure whether they were even really sent) 

If I "debug" on the communication with the mail server (with the 
CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG solution) I see something like this (the server 
speaks german :-/ ) : 

sending: EHLO mymachine.domain.de 
received: mailserver.domain.de Hallo mymachine.domain.de [a.b.c.d],
freut mit zu treffen 
received: 250-EXPN 
received: 250-8BITMIME 
This server supports 8bit MIME 
received: 250-SIZE 
received: 250-DSN 
received: 250-VERB 
received: 250-ONEX 
received: 250 HELP 
sending : MAIL FROM <gbe nmc-m dtag de> 
received: 250 <gbe nmc-m dtag de>... Absender ist gültig. 
sending : RCPT TO <evolution ximian com> 
received: 250 Empfánger ist gültig. 
sending : DATA 
received: 354 Post eingeben. Bitte einer Zeile mit einem . beenden. 
sending : \r\n.\r\n 
received: 250 QAA86216 Nachricht für Auslieferung akzeptiert 
sending : RSET 

Then silence. Maybe there should be some reponse coming from the server 
after the RSET? If it is so then can someone please help me out with a 

Thanx for All the help. 


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