[Evolution] PCS

A few PCS questions...

Bare with me, as I'm not sure I understand how this works.  
Do I understand this correctly, the Personal Calendar Server (PCS)
exists on each evolution installation and acts as a client to the user
interface software (the Calendar User Agent or CUA)?  And the PCS, can
be non-local to the CUA.  That is, I could install the PCS on another
machine on another network, and point the CUA at it for queries, etc. 
Is that correct?

If that's so, how do I do it?  How can I move the PCS to another server,
and where in the evolution configuration do I specify where to find the


Val E. Schmidt
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Columbia University
vschmidt ldeo columbia edu
mobile: (614) 286-3726

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