Re: [Evolution] Feature requests: modularity & imap caching...

On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 14:10, Dan Winship wrote:
seconded. Calendar, Tasklist, Summary is not used here. Why are they

I rarely use these, but a coworker uses them (same box, two different X
servers). Why not demand-load them, so one doesn't take the startup hit
until one tries to use them?

Because then everyone would complain that it took too long for the 
calendar to pop up the first time you clicked on it. :-)

I think if you choose _not_ to start the calendar, then there shouldn't
even be a button 'calendar' to click on in the first place...

Another reason which no one has mentioned yet is that the shell doesn't 
know all of the folders that will exist. For instance, if you flip the 
examples around and don't start up the mail component until the user 
clicks on a mail folder, then you wouldn't have any IMAP folders until 
you clicked on a local mail folder first, which would be annoying. 
(Likewise for LDAP folders and local contacts.)

What would would be nice is something like this:

  $ evolution --help
        --no-calendar           Start evo w/out calendar
        --no-summary            ...

I guess this would essentially make it a mail-client, nothing more,
so there shouldn't even be icons for the calendar/summary/tasks/etc...
I guess if these are given at startup, you can enable/disable a lot
of things... Correct me if I'm wrong here, I'm not much of a 
You must realise that a lot of people _will_ just use it as a
mail-client, so it would be a *really* nice feat. 
I'm running it like that now, and I really like it like that... load
times are *much* better (closing times too, duh!)...
Well, I think it's just something to consider, I guess a lot of people
would like such a lightweight feature-full mailclient like evolution...
People would even be able to use it on *very* low-end machines, I

I know Ettore was thinking recently about making component startup be 
delayed though. One way this could work would be for the shell (or 
actually, the wombat) to keep track of the complete folder tree between 
sessions. This could be nice for other reasons too.

-- Dan



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