[Evolution] fundamental problems with signatures?


I frequently have problems validating pgp signatures from outlook/PGP
systems. (No, it's not the MIME-boundaries problem. that one's annoying,
too, though).

latest example attached. I'll try to collect some more data, but if
something is already known I may as well spend the time on other things.

-- vbi

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Hallo Adrian,

zur Zeit teste ich die Möglichkeit in der WG in Zürich (mit Testadresse
piz.ch) ein Server einzurichten (hinter Cablecom / mit myDyndns).
Eigentlich klappt alles recht gut - ftp klappt, www klappt, mail klappt bis
auf die Mails an die ETH. Dort bleibt er immer beim BDAT Befehl hängen. Tom
hat mir gesagt du hattest auch Probleme mit dem ETH Server. Ich wäre froh
wenn du dir mal den Log im Anhang anschauen könntest. Vielleicht siehst du
ja den Grund auf den ersten Blick oder hast sonst einen Tip.

Merci und Gruss
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Giachem A. Schucan
Mail GR:   Aguêl 46, CH-7524 Zuoz
Mail ZH:   Sandacker 5, CH-8052 Zürich
Fon:       +41765393039
E-Mail:    giachem schucan ch
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Homepage:  http://www.schucan.cjb.net
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Von: Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder [mailto:avbidder fortytwo ch]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 9. April 2002 09:54
An: webhosting fortytwo ch
Cc: urs zimmer li; fritz keller bboxbbs ch
Betreff: fortytwo.ch webhosting service to be discontinued - REMINDER


As was announced previously, I will not host web sites after end of
september. To ensure a smooth transition to a new hosting service I
suggest looking around for a replacement soon, remaining web sites past
2002-09-30 will be shut down. I would appreciate a notification when you
are moving your domain.

Below are two little ads for those looking for a new web hosting

 - Urs Zimmerli, Paul Kremer & Co.:
        They plan to start a new web hosting service with conditions
        similar to the ones you got here at fortytwo.ch. Please
      contact them at <urs zimmer li>. (Urs Zimmerli is currently
        managing the http://zimmer.li domain on this server).
 - BBoxBBS, Fritz Keller:
        Fritz Keller offers web hosting, the conditions are listed on
        his web page at http://www.bboxbbs.ch. (He is currently hosting
        my server and is providing the DNS servers).

Adrian von Bidder

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