Re: [Evolution] Connector & Exchange Version

No, it does not do anything with any Exchange (Outlook Web Access?) web
pages or anything of the sort.

Yes, unfortunately Connector does not work with Exchange 5.5.


On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 13:06, Austin Gonyou wrote:
Isn't the connector just interpreting the Exchange webpage? And thusly,
it may half work if you've got web mail enabled on the exchange server?

On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 12:00, David G. Simmons wrote:

Well, I was SOOO happy that I was going to be able to ditch WinBlows (A 
*requirement* at my job) for Evolution, using the new Connector. I 
checked with my SysAdmin, and he told me we were running Exchange 2000, 
so I went out and purchased a license for the Connector. I got it 
installed, and could not connect to the Exchange Server. Dang. Upon 
further pressing my SA, it turns out that, well, we're not REALLY 
running EX2000, but 5.5. Am I totally screwed here? Do I have a 
Connector license I cannot use? Am I doomed to a life of misery and 
Windows Error messages?



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