Re: [Evolution] PCS

On Fri, 2002-04-05 at 08:58, Val Schmidt wrote:
A few PCS questions...

Bare with me, as I'm not sure I understand how this works.  
Do I understand this correctly, the Personal Calendar Server (PCS)
exists on each evolution installation and acts as a client to the user
interface software (the Calendar User Agent or CUA)?  And the PCS, can

It actually acts as a server.  The gui uses it as do things like the
alarm notification daemon and the pilot conduits.

be non-local to the CUA.  That is, I could install the PCS on another
machine on another network, and point the CUA at it for queries, etc. 
Is that correct?

Well it could, but you would be doing CORBA over the wire.  The more
likely solution would be to write another pcs backend that contacts the
remote machine.

If that's so, how do I do it?  How can I move the PCS to another server,
and where in the evolution configuration do I specify where to find the

You don't.  We basically assume the PCS is on the local machine.

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