Re: [Evolution] Missing emails from folders...

On Wed, 2002-04-03 at 16:38, John Harlow wrote:
I noticed today that a few emails I had in my Inbox were missing.

I did a grep -r for a term in one of them and it turned up in

Both of the missing emails are immediately following a huge HTML
newsletter email that I received. As a side note, this email looses all
of its formatting and converts to text when I do a forward on it.

Has anyone else noticed emails disappearing this way?

Hm, no.  Are you using HEAD or stable?

On HEAD, I have found that the message hiding feature messes up
sometimes, and I have to do a View -> Show hidden messages to see all my
messages.  Does this fix the problem for you as well?  (Although, it
sounds like you have a different problem.)


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