[Evolution] Filtering issues...

I am using the 9/29 CVS snapshot and am encountering some strange filtering problems. I have 2 POP accounts and have 4 filters set up to handle incoming mail:

1. "If addressed to account #1" -> move to Folder "Account#1"; Stop Processing
2. "If addressed to account #2" -> move to Folder "Account#2"; Stop Processing
3. "If Subject contains 'Evolution'"-> move to Folder "Evolution"; Stop Processing
4. "If not addressed to either accounts #1 or #2" -> Delete. (This is mainly a SPAM filter)

Now, filters 1, 2,  and 3 seem to be working. But the Spam filter #4 is not working. I tried various actions like setting color and status, but it still does not work. Mail that does not meet criteria for filters 1-3 end up in Inbox instead of being deleted. It looks like filter #4 is not being run at all. However, if I manually apply filters, filter #4 kicks in, so the rule is set up OK. All this stuff used to work pre beta-4.

Any ideas? This behaviour is getting rather annoying.



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