Re: [Evolution] Filtering issues...

On Sun, 2001-09-30 at 00:30, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
I am using the 9/29 CVS snapshot and am encountering some strange
filtering problems. I have 2 POP accounts and have 4 filters set up to
handle incoming mail:

1. "If addressed to account #1" -> move to Folder "Account#1"; Stop
2. "If addressed to account #2" -> move to Folder "Account#2"; Stop
3. "If Subject contains 'Evolution'"-> move to Folder "Evolution"; Stop
4. "If not addressed to either accounts #1 or #2" -> Delete. (This is
mainly a SPAM filter)

Now, filters 1, 2,  and 3 seem to be working. But the Spam filter #4 is
not working. I tried various actions like setting color and status, but
it still does not work. Mail that does not meet criteria for filters 1-3
end up in Inbox instead of being deleted. It looks like filter #4 is not
being run at all. However, if I manually apply filters, filter #4 kicks
in, so the rule is set up OK. All this stuff used to work pre beta-4.

Any ideas? This behaviour is getting rather annoying.

Not a real solution but a potential workaround.  Create a new Folder
"spam" and have filter 4 move to folder "spam".  This would give you a
single source to delete what is probably junk mail and the opportunity
to glance at the contents of the folder to see if there actually is some
legitimate mail.  As an add-on for filter 4 perhaps move to folder spam,
then delete.

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