[Evolution] Beta 4 compile success -- and bugs

Hi all-

First off, many thanks to everyone who so quickly responded to my
question about compiling beta 4 on mandrake 8.0 -- it was quite an
adventure, but I finally got it all compiled, thanks to your suggestions
and feedback.

Now that I have beta 4 running, I have a few bits of quirky behavior.
One item that I haven't seen before is that I have no "My evolution"
icon, and while I can right-click and then open my ev in a new window,
it will not open in the main evolution frame.

As previously reported by others, my vfolder based on "unread" status
doesn't seem to be working -- an annoying, but not deal-breaking,
problem at this point. 

It's great to see evolution coming along. Now that I have successfully
compiled it, I'll be quicker to check out the snapshots and watch its


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