Re: [Evolution] LDAP, Summary, & IMAP Inboxes

1. When composing a message at work, I'm looking for a way to match
addresses to LDAP entries as they're typed

Very soon.

2. Can a HTTP proxy be specified for the Summary?

Yes, but you have to do it from the Nautilus preferences. (You can
uninstall nautilus after setting it if you want...) It will be possible
to set it from Evolution eventually (not 1.0).

3. Can an IMAP inbox be monitored from the Summary?

Not currently. It will probably happen for 1.0.

4. Is support for iPlanet calendaring forthcoming?

Sun submitted some patches for this, but it was at the "proof of
concept" level, because of lots of issues in the calendar that assumed
only local calendaring in various ways. Some of those problems have been
fixed since then, and we hope to get the iPlanet patches in for the next
release after 1.0.

-- Dan

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