[Evolution] LDAP, Summary, & IMAP Inboxes


I've been using Evolution now for a couple of weeks and, overall, I've
been impressed.  However, there are a few nagging tasks that either I
haven't figure out how to do or are simply lacking from Evolution:

1. When composing a message at work, I'm looking for a way to match
addresses to LDAP entries as they're typed (as happens with local
Contacts).  Is it possible to link an LDAP source to a specific Inbox,
thus allowing such lookups?  This feature works in the 0.9.4 Mozilla
mailer, and I find myself already missing it.

2. Can a HTTP proxy be specified for the Summary?  From the looks of it,
the Summary would be a nice feature except for all the broken news and
weather links.

3. Can an IMAP inbox be monitored from the Summary?  It looks like I can
reference any folder that happens to be local to the system, but if I
can't check my IMAP inbox this is fairly useless to me.

4. Is support for iPlanet calendaring forthcoming?

Like I said, overall I've enjoyed my use of Evolution but, in a corporate
environment where I'm at the mercy of my system adminsitrators, these
features would make the whole experience painless.



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