Re: [Evolution] Borken IMAP server (exchange) support..

I use Evolution with Exchange and am very happy for the most part.  The
only MADDENING bug is 5348.  The unread message count is not correct
unless you leave and then return to a folder.  I do not believe the biff
interaction is the issue at all.  The biff is how you know you are being
hit by the bug, but I can reproduce the bug after disabling the biff.  I
think there was a lot of blindly blaming the biff going on when that
wasn't the issue at all.

As far as multiple sessions for the same user, I occasionally fire up
Outlook while Evolution is running, and I do not have any problems. 
(Usually to create a server side filter).

Anyway, HTH-

Richard Ziegler
Release Engineer / ClearCase Administrator
(617) 503-0442
CertCo, Inc.   

On Thu, 2001-09-27 at 17:32, John Affleck wrote:
It must be my day to whine, but the first whine netted a solution, so..

What's the intent with regard to 'borken' IMAP servers (specifically
Exchange). I suspect that there are some issues with it (like not
supporting multiple sessions for the same user or something - the biff
and evolution issue). I also am beginning to suspect that the fact that
I can't seem to get new mail without exiting and restarting Evolution is
another Exchange 'feature'. At least I'm much more likely to blame
Exchange than Evolution at this point. There seem to be enough stories
of users of other IMAP servers to hint that it's not the app at fault at

Are there a significant number of people who use Evolution and Exchange
happily ? Is Exchange as bad as I'm beginning to suspect it is ? Or is
it  just me with these problems ? 

Will Evolution ever work-around these problems or am I SOL ?
Will I ever stop ending sentences with question-marks ?

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