[Evolution] Beta 4 rocks!

On Thu, 2001-09-27 at 12:43, David G. Simmons wrote:

This version (Beta 4, build 14) is FAR Superior (on both SuSE Linux and
Solaris 8) to all previous builds combined!  Fabulous work!!!!!


Yes, I've been meaning to post a little rah-rah message myself.  Here

When I'm spending much of my Evo-using time looking for (or blundering
into) bugs, and grumpily noting the ones that haven't been fixed yet,
it's easy for my perspective to get a bit skewed.

Yesterday I took a step back and explored Evo Beta 4 a little more
(until any of the Palm conduits work for me I use nothing but
evolution-mail [with use of Contacts], and--occasionally-the Summary
page) and I must say this is one pretty slick app and you guys have done
an amazing job.  Kudos to the whole crew, and keep up the good work!

I regularly check bugzilla to see what bugs have been fixed each day,
and obviously there is a lot of work going on that is difficult to
notice--unless I've encountered one of those bugs myself.  Most of them
are ones I've never even noticed.

But seriously folks, forget all those other little bugs and just fix
mine, please!  =)


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