Re: [Evolution] Calendar problems

On Tue, 2001-09-25 at 12:55, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
I exchange calendar events with Outlook users and I have some iCal that
freeze Evolution and some that cannot be loaded in Outlook, that I would
like to share with the Calendar developers. (outside the list as they
contain personal info). Where can I send them ?

damon ximian com and jpr ximian com would be great.

I think we've fixed the major problems with iTIP & Outlook in Beta 4 so
now is the time for people to test it out again and report problems.

Also, I am still having a lot of problems with Timezone. When exchanging
info with Outlook users, their iCal comes as UTC. When displayed in
Evolution calendar, those events translate correctly to my timezone. But
when I edit those events, it shows the time as UTC (Same behavior for
other timezone. see bug day iCal for example). 

I feel that there should at least be an option or a check box to
translate that time to my timezone or that changing the timezone in edit
mode will correctly update the date and time of day correctly. 

Also in the summary those same events are shown in UTC not in my
timezone which render them unusable a least to me.

Any idea if these problems are going to be addressed before 1.0. It is a
major inconvenience.

For simple events (no recurrence) Outlook sends the start and end time
in UTC, with no timezone information at all.

So I'm not sure if we can fix the problem in the event editor. I think
we have to show the time in UTC there.

The 'Summary' component was recently fixed - it should now convert times
to your current timezone.

Am I the only one exchanging iCal with Outlook users or others found a
way of getting to work that I haven't figure out ? Would not be the
first time :-)

It only started to work recently so it hasn't been tested much yet.

Thanks for the report. I'd really like to see it working well with
Outlook before 1.0.


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