Re: [Evolution] Evolution runnable as root only

Please try the advice on this page and see if it helps.

I'd be interested in hearing from you if it doesn't work.

On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 19:51, Przemyslaw Wegrzyn wrote:
Starting from 0.12 I have this same problem - evolution starts up only
if run as root. 0.13, 0.14 behaves this way too.

Currently if I try to run evolution as usuall user I get dialog box
saying: Cannot initialize the Ximian Evolution Shell: Configuration
database not found

Also on stdout:

evolution-shell-WARNING ** : Cannot access Bonobo/ConfigDatabase on
wombat: (IDL:OAF/GeneralError:1.0)

What can I do ? I've seen some postings reporting similar problem, but
none helped me solving this.

I use Debian Woody.



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