Re: [Evolution] Pilot problem - assertion failed in goad.c

Nope.  Neither one.  Using Beta 4 release and whatever it sucked up
through RedCarpet, and no ssh.

It's been a few weeks since I'd last sync'd my Palm (with gnomecard)
through the conduits I had set up so something else may have happened to
cause the problem... but shouldn't the RC installation (at least
theoretically) have installed whatever I need for it to work?

Is there some way I can wipe-out any potentially conflicting pilot apps
(I never used JPilot though it may be installed--I'm at work right now
and can't check), and then re-install Evo or the necessary components?


On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 12:09, JP Rosevear wrote:
On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 11:31, Eric Lambart wrote:
Hi everyone.  So, I've seen no mention at all about how one actually
goes about synchronizing the palm with Evolution.  Is it an option
somewhere in Evo menus?  Do you have to do it through gnomecc?  Do you
just press the hot sync button while in Evo?  I've noticed nothing new
in Evolution.  I am now running the Beta 4 release.

I am getting this error when I try clicking either the "Pilot Link" or
"Pilot Conduits" in the (NEW, beta) Gnome CC.

** ERROR **: file goad.c: line 660 (real_goad_server_activate):
assertion failed: (name_service != CORBA_OBJECT_NIL)

Did you compile from source? If so did you enable oaf? (you probably

Alternately are you running over ssh?


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