[Evolution] Outlook 2000 pst -> dbf -> Evolution mbox conversion

Hi all,

I've sent something like this to the list a day ago, or I think I did ;^)

I've noticed that, Outlook 2000 can export to dBase DBF format.
I think, I'm able to create an import filter for Evolution, if someone points me out how to do it.

Actually I'm a beginner with Unix C/C++, I was using C 2 years ago with Win32 with some simple projects but I hope I can do something with Kylix/ObjectPascal.

Or, I can just convert dbf files to mbox files by building a stand-alone utility.

So, where do I find information on mbox file format? Are there any libraries or examples available around?

Wish I could do something to help this cool project.

-- Enver

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