Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet Dependency failure on Snapshot.

I had the same problem. I was able to get around it doing the following.

Go to /var/cache/redcarpet/packages. 
Verify that the liggtkhtm15 is wrong by doing the following
rpm -qpl libgtkhtml15 or rpm -ql libgtkhtml15
in my system, this showed /lib/ as the library
installed which obviously was wrong.
So I removed that package from my system
rpm -e libgtkhtml15
and rm libgtkhtml15*.rpm in /var/cache/redcarpet/packages directory.
Then reload redcarpet and it should download now the correct version of
You also might want to verify libgtkhtml16 just to be sure. rpm --verify
libgtkhtml16. If it says that /lib/ is missing, just
reinstall libgtkhtml16 in force mode. rpm -Uvh --force libgtkhtml16



On Mon, 2001-09-24 at 07:22, Lloyd Duhon wrote:
As of last night, there was a push from the Ximian Gnome Desktop channel
that included pilot-link I was able to install beta 4 after I
grabbed those files. I'm currently experiencing a different problem,
with the gnome control center requiring libgtkhtml 15 (I've got 14, 16,
17) and that's my only current problem with libraries from Ximian, but
it's the second in as many days.... I'm submitting the bug report for
the other failed dependency today.



On Mon, 2001-09-24 at 00:26, Paul R. Watkins wrote:
I sure do not see the available through ximian gnome for
redhat 7.1 distribution -- it's not there -- but it is in Mandrake as
the previous email indicated -- so how are we RH beta testers able to go

On Sun, 2001-09-23 at 21:51, JP Rosevear wrote:
On Fri, 2001-09-21 at 11:25, Lloyd Duhon wrote:
Just tried to get today's snapshot from red carpet, and I'm getting a
failed dependency on "" which is apparently a Pilot Link
library that is currently only available in Mandrake Cooker (At least in
RPM format). I'm a RH 7.1 user, and as such I find that we've got pilot
link's as the highest version.

Does Ximian plan to package the version 4 of pilot link for those of us
who are trying to track release and stay somewhat stable? I'd rather not
try and lump extra libraries in to maintain varying degrees of
compatibility, that's not smart administration. If you're requiring
version 4, I'll need Ximian to release the pilot link libraries in order
to continue Evolution in my shop (Which is currently tracking beta
versions on all of our workstations) I'm the only one having fun with
all the snapshots :-).

It was already packaged and available in the Ximian GNOME channel before
I pushed snaps with the conduits in them.

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