Re: [Evolution] How to control evolution ONLY from the keyboard(?).

On Sun, 2001-09-23 at 09:23, Kent Nyberg wrote:

When i turn the focus, by using tab, to the frame with the 
list with mailboxes and then cycle through the list with
the up and down arrows why does Evolution then steal the
focus to the frame with the mails?

Works for me... the focus doesn't go to the mail-listing pane until I
hit Tab a whole bunch of times.  I actually wish I could just hit Enter
and have the focus go right to the mail list but this doesn't work.

I may be a stupid user that has missunderstood something, 
but how am i suppose to be able to cycle through
the mailboxes with the keyboard as long as evolution
steals the focus as soon as it has loaded a mailbox 

Maybe it's problem with your window manager, or as Chris Campbell
pointed out, could you be using an older version of Evolution?

(it loads a mailbox
everytime i cycle the list.. that is a bit irritating to..).

For me it only loads the mailbox if I pause about 500ms.  I wouldn't
mind the pause being about 750ms but anyway this works pretty well for
me... I can use the arrow keys to go through the mailboxes quickly, and
if I pause for half a second it will stop and load the list of messages.

I am not born in one of those english-speaking countries so 
i hope you understand my english.

No problem, you're very clear to me :)

And by the way..   why cant i change the shotcuts in
Evolution? I mean..  for example, i would want to make 'ctl+l'
to do "Sent Later..", but that is impossible.
In other Gtk+ program you open the menu and focus on that 
option and then type 'ctrl+l'. But i cant do that in Evolution :(

Good question.  I wish you could too.  I think maybe the developers
decided this would be too confusing for the dumbest users (they might
change things accidentally), and I believe this application is targetted
at every user, not just ones who know their way around.  It would be
nice if it were an option.

And as far as the bigger question in the Subject of your message: you
can't.  A lot of features, especially pop-up windows (folder selection,
etc.), have broken keyboard support and you have to use the mouse, like
it or not.  I'm sure they'll get it all straightened out eventually, so
just be patient.

Hope this helps

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