[Evolution] How to control evolution ONLY from the keyboard(?).

I want to learn how to use Evolution directly from the keyboard 
without using the mouse and thought that i might ask you this 
simple question.

When i turn the focus, by using tab, to the frame with the 
list with mailboxes and then cycle through the list with
the up and down arrows why does Evolution then steal the
focus to the frame with the mails?
If i wanted to change the focus i would have done it myself.
I guess that it is this way becaus the 'we like to use the mouse'-people
want the focus to change to the frame with the mails when they 
click on a mailbox, right?
But i dont want that becaus that makes it hard to use the keyboard.

I may be a stupid user that has missunderstood something, 
but how am i suppose to be able to cycle through
the mailboxes with the keyboard as long as evolution
steals the focus as soon as it has loaded a mailbox (it loads a mailbox
everytime i cycle the list.. that is a bit irritating to..).

I am not born in one of those english-speaking countries so 
i hope you understand my english.

And by the way..   why cant i change the shotcuts in
Evolution? I mean..  for example, i would want to make 'ctl+l'
to do "Sent Later..", but that is impossible.
In other Gtk+ program you open the menu and focus on that 
option and then type 'ctrl+l'. But i cant do that in Evolution :(

Have a nice day!

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