Re: [Evolution] d&d integration (re: Post 1.0 feature suggestion)

Perhaps this is in line with what you're saying.  I'd like to be able to
drag a message from a message pane to a calendar spot and have it flip
up a appointment screen with the text of the message added to the
description of the appointment.  Likewise with tasks.  This would be
incredibly useful.  Instead of having it guess at the date of the
calendar, you can just open a new calendar view and drag the message to
the correct date and hour.  Arguably an easier first enhancement, or at
least a more general one: being able to drag elements from one context
to another.  Messages to tasks, tasks to calendar appointments,
appointments to email messages, etc.

What do you think?


On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 10:02, Ben FrantzDale wrote:
I often find myself getting emails that have events on them that I then
copy onto my Palm. Recently I got an evolution bugday announcement with
an attached calendar entry. Here's my idea: Some simple way for
evolution to add events mentioned in emails to the calendar. I'll
suggest an interface, thoguh it may not be the best one. 

For example I recieved the following text in an email recently:

"California?s (and Claremont?s) Energy Future, Part II:  A Special
Forum: with
Michael Black , Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science,
Harvey Mudd College
Samuel Tanenbaum, Professor of Engineering,  Harvey Mudd College
Richard Worthington, Professor of Politics, Pomona College
Wednesday, Sept 26th, 4 PM

Suppose I could select this block of text and right click on it.  It
shouldn't be too hard for Evolution to see that the selected text
contains a date and time. This could be the clue that it's an event.
Then one of the context-menu options would be ``add this event to
calendar.'' Clicking on that could bering up the new appointment dialog
with the start time as 9/26/2001, 04:00 PM and with a summary of the
first 80 characters of the non-date selected text.

If people like this idea I'll add it to bugzilla. I think it could
really add to the integration of mailer and calendar.


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