Re: [Evolution] Post 1.0 feature suggestion

I think adding the ability to recognize so many ways of writing the date
would would risk some code bloat, but IMHO you should go ahead and add
it as a wishlist item. That would be really neat.

On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 10:02, Ben FrantzDale wrote:
I often find myself getting emails that have events on them that I then
copy onto my Palm. Recently I got an evolution bugday announcement with
an attached calendar entry. Here's my idea: Some simple way for
evolution to add events mentioned in emails to the calendar. I'll
suggest an interface, thoguh it may not be the best one. 

For example I recieved the following text in an email recently:

"California?s (and Claremont?s) Energy Future, Part II:  A Special
Forum: with
Michael Black , Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science,
Harvey Mudd College
Samuel Tanenbaum, Professor of Engineering,  Harvey Mudd College
Richard Worthington, Professor of Politics, Pomona College
Wednesday, Sept 26th, 4 PM

Suppose I could select this block of text and right click on it.  It
shouldn't be too hard for Evolution to see that the selected text
contains a date and time. This could be the clue that it's an event.
Then one of the context-menu options would be ``add this event to
calendar.'' Clicking on that could bering up the new appointment dialog
with the start time as 9/26/2001, 04:00 PM and with a summary of the
first 80 characters of the non-date selected text.

If people like this idea I'll add it to bugzilla. I think it could
really add to the integration of mailer and calendar.


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