[Evolution] A few issues about build and response times

A few issues that I am quite curious about:

1. Why does Evolution take so long to build? It takes about 30 minutes on my 1.3GHz Pentium 4, 256MB. This is the longest build time for a software I have seen in a long time. The resulting binaries don't seem all that big; of course they use other shared libraries, but those are already built. I know that Evolution is quite a large application suite, but is the make process maybe not quite optimized? Some of the link lines are horrendously long and have duplicate entries for system libraries.

2. When I hit the reply button on an email, it takes quite a while for the Composer window to pop up. Reply-All takes even longer. I read somewhere on the list that the recipients are being looked up in the Contacts database, but is that the reason for the delay? I also noticed the Composer windows are generally a bit slow to build. I have HTML compose enabled by default; turning that off seems to speed up things a little, but I am not sure.

3. Rendering non-HTML emails is very fast now. HTML emails are still a little slow to render. I generally open my emails in separate windows by double-clicking in the message list. Can this be improved upon?



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